We are committed to providing improved systems and facilities in order remain competitive in this rapidly growing industry.

EAOS is a provider of innovative solutions for marine bulk industry to deliver cargo from producers to end users.

The marine shipping industry is in a state of rapid evolution and growth.

The global economy has increased business opportunities for developed and developing countries and delivered vigorous growth in the global seaborne trade of bulk materials. Ports, shipping companies, as well as bulk material producers and consumers are planning and implementing both new and improved systems and facilities in order to remain competitive and capture growth.

With extensive experience in the marine bulk industry, EAOS is positioned to satisfy the needs of the industry.

EAOS is also a reliable provider of support vessels and project transportation solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry. Headquartered in Mozambique our partners have been providing specialized marine transport since the 1970s, with operations in SEA, Middle East and Australia, expanding into Latin America, Africa and India.

EAOS has blue chip customer base and is trusted by the world’s biggest oil and gas companies. The company has demonstrated track record of operational and safety excellence and is a dependable operator of complex and specialized vessels.

EAOS partners operate a diverse fleet of young and reliable vessels operating across all phases of the offshore oil and gas cycle. EAOS is an employer of choice; with dedication to retaining and developing the best talent in the industry. The company is supported by partners with a strong balance sheet and proven ability to weather cyclical downturns.

EAOS has a dedicated management team with a proven project track record in the field of project cargo and pipe transportation as well as the supply and operation of marine equipment.